May your stars align in 2019!

Dear Friends, Wishing you health and prosperity in 2019, May the Sun shine upon you, today and always, Catherine ASTRO-PLANNER FOR JANUARY 2019 December 31/January 1: The New Year begins with a Sun-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, a Moon-Venus conjunction in Scorpio, and Mars entering Aries! How does this translate? There’s nothing to fear if your […]

Celestial Planner for March 2018

Dear Friends, March begins with a lot of mutable energy about, calling us to be open to change. As the sign of Pisces is emphasized, we may be feeling more sensitive than usual. Balance any escapist or addictive tendencies with practical acts of kindness, both to yourself and others. You know your deepest wish for […]

May I Delay? Yes!

The Astrology for May 2016 Dear Readers, how are you faring? The month of May begins with both Mercury and Mars retrograde, calling on us to take time off from our usual forward-moving, technologically-enabled lives. If you’re experiencing delays, car or computer set-backs, or simply feel like relaxing at home, this is normal! Mental doubts and […]

March forward with Sensitivity!

Welcome to Astrology Update!     There will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse on March 9 (at 19 degrees of Pisces for those of you who know your charts) and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on March 23 (at 3 Libra, echoing the eclipse of September 28 last year). Eclipses mark endings and beginnings; […]

Happy New Year! January 2016

Welcome to Astrology Update! I hope you all had the opportunity to experience the Full Moon on December 25 and to take a moment of reflection under its silvery beams. For many who celebrated Christmas, there was a downright non-traditional element to the day, courtesy of Uranus stationing direct. ‘Embrace that which is different while […]

By Jove, it’s the end of the year!

Welcome to Astrology Update! The Sun is travelling through the jovial, fiery and expansive sign of Sagittarius. For those of us born under this sign, especially during the first ten days or so, we are more than likely feeling the ambitious and practical pull of paternalistic Saturn in our lives right now. This might involve […]

Workshop on the Elements: report back!

September 19, 2015, 2pm, Piermont NY: There was a wonderful vibration at this workshop – thank you to all who participated! The Yoga House is a special space and the atmosphere there contributed to the calm way in which everyone took in the material presented. I aimed for an experiential understanding of the elements where we […]

Transitional September

Welcome to Astrology Update! We have entered the mutable phase of the season – of summer if you live in the Northern hemisphere and of winter if you reside in the Southern hemisphere. This is a time of transition when we prepare for the next season, which will be heralded in by the equinox on […]

Harmonize this August!

Welcome to Astrology Update! Rejoice!! The Sun is in kingly Leo and there is much to be thankful for, including a golden full Moon in Aquarius to mark the last day of July. Get your dancing shoes on and be the belle of the ball for the night – or find a group of open-minded […]